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Tips On Pig Farming

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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  • Keep records on breeding, servicing, birth, weaning weight, feeding, and tagging for identification of the animals. Bookkeeping helps a farmer track how much he or she has invested in the farm and the profits.
  • Carry out regular deworming and parasite control among the pigs. Cleans all the feeding and drinking troughs as well as the sty on a daily basis. The commonest pig diseases are African Swine Fever, newborn diarrhoea and worms.

Let a veterinary doctor check your pigs regularly to eliminate the diseases.

  • Collect and use pig waste as biogas or fertiliser for banana plantations and maize gardens, among others.

How to plan your piggery

There are mainly two sections of a piggery: the feeding area and the exercise area. Pigs just like other animals need to exercise.

The feeding area must be covered by a roof to prevent it from getting soaked up. This should constitute at least two-thirds of the entire piggery.

In one corner should be the feeding troughs too. The other section is the exercise area. It is also the area where the pigs relieve themselves. It should cover at least one-third of the piggery.

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