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Testing Pregnancy In Cows

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Weeda the African regional sales manager for Alertys the producers of the Bioeasy Bovene pregnancy rapid testing kit, explains that farmers no longer need to wait for the heat to determine of their cows conceived since a vet inserting their hand to check can cause miscarriages before three months.

“Use technologies, farmers can test their cows for pregnancies within 28 days on their farms as and when need arises. This will go a long way to increase production on farmers as open animals can then be prepared to go back on heat and get serviced,” he says.

He also cautions farmers on the general management of their herd in regards to feeding (pastures and water availability) and the animal health saying that even with good breeds but when the management is poor, production will be low.

The technology uses blood, detecting the pregnancy proteins produced by a cow when the embryo is attached to the placenta and you get the results in 20 minutes.

It can also be used with buying in calf heifers to avoid being cheated by the seller and also to determine if the pregnancy is still alive as the proteins will reduce in 8-10 days of pregnancy loss.

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