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Taking Honey Can Be Useful To Your Health

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Apart from being known as a sweetener for many drinks and delicacies, honey is endowed with many health benefits. You can easily fight off some diseases by keeping a bottle of honey in your home.

Dr David Ssali of Dama Medical Herbs, says consumption of raw organic honey helps in prevention and healing of infections like cough, cold and sore throats.

“To get more benefit, get hot water with lemon and mix it with honey,” Ssali reveals. “This can help in fighting off a cold or cough.”

More to that, Ssali intimates that honey is full of phytonutrients nutrients like minerals, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and carbohydrates. 

He says it is used in the digestion of food, prevention of heart diseases and controlling of stomach ulcers.

In addition, Ssali says honey is endowed with bacteria, which strengthens the immune system by reproducing white blood cells and in the process protecting and providing the body with energy throughout the day.

“Since it is easily absorbed into the blood stream, honey is very useful to the brain, which is the largest consumer of sugar, hence reducing fatigue,” he says.

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