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Take Breakfast As A Must

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It has been an indoctrinated tendency through most of our childhood to always cherish the first meal of the day because not only is its relevance paramount to the mood and stature of the body during the day but also because it is a source of energy.

It is because of its relevance that many restaurants take great priority in providing simple but heavy breakfasts to consumers at a reasonable price as early as 7:00am.

Isma Lule, who owns a restaurant in Ntinda, a Kampala city neighbourhood, says their menu mainly comprises eggs, sausages, gonja (plantain), mandazi, katogo and chapatti.

As an accompaniment for tea and coffee (English or African), juice (passion), and even porridge, one could have the katogo specials (vegetable and beef) with two eggs (either scrambled), fried, omelet, or boiled) or chips with eggs and sausages.

Some restaurants have a Mexican breakfast, which comprises a Spanish omelet, chapatti and beans.

Sharon Naluwende, a nutritionist at Mulago hospital, says nutritionists have found out that people who eat breakfast every day are a-third less likely to be obese compared to those who skip the meal. They say people who eat breakfast are less likely to overreact. 

John Kibirango, a chef, says some places such as restaurants, serve two whole-wheat rolls stuffed with omelets, while in other places they serve two fried eggs, two slices of bacon, a beef sausage, sliced tomato, and toast.

He says most themes are presented with a pot of tea, coffee, cappuccino, espresso, hot chocolate, cafelati, or hot chocolate.

Other outlets have opened up, and they serve breakfast, but they also give takeaways.

“The trend for eating breakfast has moved from being enjoyed from home because very many people don’t have the time anymore and this leaves room for having a bite before work.”

City when you move around the city, they serve matooke, Irish potatoes, rice, groundnuts, offals and katogo.

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