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Selecting The Right Soils For Passion Fruit Farming

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Apart from the fact that passion fruits, just like any other fruit, have their good and bad seasons, when properly looked after, these fruits can enable a farmer to generate significant income.

Passion fruit is a perennial vigorous vine, which grows to give oval or round-shaped fruits. This vine is native to tropical regions of southern Brazil, this succulent fruit is also grown in Uganda and mainly in central and western regions. The fruit is easy to grow as it gives back to the farmer in only 8-12 months.

Charles Kiggundu, one of the directors of Bwasandeku Mixed Farm and a passion fruit farmer in Kalungu district, stresses that before cultivating, examine the soil for type, texture, depth, chemical analysis, nutrient and nematode levels.

Light to heavy sandy loans of medium texture with good drainage and most suitable. Passion fruits do well in the pH range of 5.5-6.5.

Kiggundu says before you do anything to do with a passion for fruit farming you need to have a passion for this perennial vigorous vine.

He says the black (loam) soils are good soils for passion fruits farming. Avoiding waterlogged areas during the rainy season because when water is logged on the roots of the passion fruit vine, it will rot.

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