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Schools Can Save By Practising Agriculture

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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By Joshua Kato

This week, hundreds of students are gathering at Gayaza High School for an annual school farm camp.

Starting in 2014, the camp is the largest gathering of teenagers purposely to discuss farming. This is important because Uganda is a largely young population that depends on agriculture.

Schools spend about 50% of their annual budgets on buying food for the students. This means that if they encourage their students to put what they learn at the camp into practice, some of these expenses can be reduced.

Schools can easily engage in productive agriculture. Save for schools in urban areas, those in rural areas have got big chunks of land. Unfortunately, most of this land remains idle.

If a school grew just five acres of maize per season, that will yield at least 10 tonnes of grain or seven tonnes of flour. Certainly, this can feed the learners for some time.

An acre of bananas can produce at least 70 bunches of bananas per month. These can supplement the flour. Vegetables can also be grown by schools, in bags or planting pots.

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