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Reasons Why Some Pig Farmers Fail

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After three months, three weeks and three days, a pregnant sow gives birth.

A young pig will go on heat between the fifth and sixth month depending on feeding yet a male at the same time is ready for slaughter. If you decided to sell piglets between two and four weeks of age, you can still get a good deal on the market.

Piggery is a money-making venture, especially given the fact that eating pork is trendy today. In every corner of the country, piggery and pork roasting continue to be among the common business startups because of the demand for pork by all classes of people in society. But why do most farmers struggle to make money from piggery?

Pig farming like any other business has challenges but not too many to scare you from venturing into the business.

Dr Emma Naluyima, commonly known as ‘Mama Pig’, says pig farming can make you more millions a month depending on how much you love and invest in your farm.

However, piggery can make you big money, but most people fail because they fail to the following?

Reasons farmers fail to succeed in piggery

Naluyima says people don’t just fail. People fail because they fail to do certain things that they ought to do. The farming industry is replete of many farmers who have given up.

1. Make research and visit several farms before starting your farm so that you know what to do instead of venturing in a farming business you have less knowledge on how to run it.

2. They are absent. Absentee farmers will always fail. To succeed in farming, you must be around your farm in one way or the other.

3. Keeping proper records is one of the biggest problems most farmers have. Knowing how much is invested and how much your profit is important in any business.

4. They bite more than they can chew. some farmers, in a bid to make it fast will take on more than they can handle financially and technically and of course they will crash.

5. They like cheap inputs instead of going for quality. A cheap mentality at the expense of productivity will always lead to frustrations. When a farmer is fanatical about cheap inputs, he is digging his business a grave.

6. They do it alone. Farmers that enter the farming business themselves without interactions from fellow farmers will end up into failure. Farmers need farmer groups where they can ask for advice incase issues like disease outbreaks.

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