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Reasons Why Some Pig Farmers Fail

by Wangah Wanyama
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By Rosemary Tukundane

Piggery is a money-making factory with interest of eating pork as a trend today.

In every corner of the country, piggery and pork-roasting continues to be among the common business startups because of the demand for pork by all classes of people in society but why do most farmers fail in this money-making factory.

Pig farming like any other business has challenges but not too many to scare you from venturing into this business.

Dr. Esther Nakajubi the director Kasanja Practical Farm said that pig farming can make you more than sh7m a month depending on how much you love and invest in your farm.

“However, the pig farming project can make you more money but most farmers fail to earn out of this business because of failure to make research before starting this project,” she added

She said that farmers who are always absent on their farms will fail in whichever situation. Workers will never provide enough feed and time for your animals like you do.

Esther added that keeping proper records is one of the biggest problems most farmers have. Knowing how much is invested and how much your profit is, is very important in any business.

“Farmers biting more than they can chew and, in a bid, to make it fast makes them take on more than they can handle financially and technically and of course they will crash, she added.

She added that farmers like cheap inputs instead of going for quality. A cheap mentality at the expense of productivity will always lead to frustrations and when a farmer is obsessive about cheap inputs, he is digging his business into a grave.

  Dr. Esther said that farming without interactions from fellow farmers will end up into failure, farmers need farming groups that will help them to ask for advice incase of a disease outbreak and how best they can feed their pigs.

“venturing into other farming projects like chicken farming, banana, tomatoes, apiary, diary farming will help them collect more side income rather than focusing on one project.

 She added that when you follow the right procedures and become a successful pig farmer, you will have no regret and count blessings every year and have enormous achievements.

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