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Rearing Pigs Helped Mugeni To Stay In School

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By Maureen Nakatudde

Joseph Mugeni, an agriculture teacher at Waitambogwe S.S.S, a government aided school in Mayuge district, grew up with a single mother. 

At the age of 14 years, while in senior two, at Waitambogwe S.S.S, Mugeni discovered that his mother could not afford to give him all life’s necessities.

“That is when I started to venture into agriculture,” Mugeni said. “I began rearing pigs.”

He got the capital from the pocket money he had. The money from agriculture not only sustained Mugeni through school, but it also enabled him to purchase a nearby plot of land. 

In 1998, Mugeni bought his first piglet at sh.15, 000 and his sty grew to accommodate 25 pigs. In addition to piggery, Mugeni ventured into vegetable growing.  

“While the pigs took some time to mature,” he observed, “the vegetables provided an option for earning quick money.”

Mugeni ventured into tomatoes, cabbage, green pepper, and eggplant growth. Since then, Mugeni has never looked back. 

“Even now as a teacher,” he says, “I gain my salary, but I still supplement it with earnings from the farm.” 

Currently, Mugeni grows maize and vegetables on an acre of land. As for the pigs, he abandoned the venture for a cattle project.  

“Pigs are expensive to maintain because one has to buy food while for the cows, the green pasture is free of charge from the field.”

So far Mugeni has three cows and hopes his herd will grow with time.

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