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Preparing A Goat That Is About To Kid

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 Kidding area in the barn should be clean with dry bedding (grass).

 The doe may be kept in the kidding area for a few days before kidding in order to get used to the place.

The signs of a goat that is about to kid are:

Restlessness, separating itself from the flock, discharges mucus

 Doe must clean and groom her kids and remain undisturbed (2-3 hours) after delivery.

When to intervene in the birth process:

 Mal-presentation or difficulties in kidding, for example if legs instead of the head come out first. 

 Kid does not bleat or breathe.

 Cutting the navel and apply of iodine to prevent infections.

 Iodine application is not necessary if bedding is clean.

Kid housing

 Keep the kids at home to about three months.

 Warm and dry conditions. Make the kids house raised so that it is not affected by running water because this causes contamination and diseases

 Bedding should be kept clean and fresh this eases detection of diarrhoea.

Feeding kids

 Kids should suckle the first milk (colostrum) from their mother

 Fostering or bottle feeding is recommended at times, at least 4 times a day with at least half a litre for each feeding session. Ordinary human baby feeding bottles can do

 From 3 weeks of age, kids start nibbling grass and leaves, which is important for the development of the rumen. 

 Effective grazing and browsing starts at 3 months


 100 days old on average and weighing between 8-12 kilogrammes live weight. Live weight is the heaviness of an animal when alive.

 Complete separation of the kids and the does should be done. This means that you create a second or third herd specifically for the weaned kids. 

 Vaccinate the kids to keep off diseases.

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