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Post-Harvest Handling Is Key

by Wangah Wanyama
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Modern farming incorporates innovations. Among these include breeds of either crops or livestock, production processes like irrigation, harvest and post-harvest handling or even finances. This is why the 2024 Harvest Money expo will put special emphasis on these processes.    

Organised by Vision Group, the biggest agriculture and agribusiness annual event will take place at the Kololo Ceremonial Grounds, Kampala under the theme “Farming as a Business” but with a sub-theme of postharvest handling and innovations,”  

The three-day interactive expo will bring together all players of the sector ranging from Vision Group’s best farmers, agro input dealers in seed, fertilisers, drugs, breeders, machinery, post-harvest handling as well as value addition and markets, among others.

As usual, per day, the entrance fee is sh10,000 and an additional sh10,000 for the trainings.  The expo is the best organized annual event that no farming player should miss. There is a lot to learn and gain as it is one place that brings together every player, from government agencies, ministries as well as private and international companies, according to Fiona Tamale, Head of Events at Vision Group.

“We are booking exhibitors. All those interested should contact us at Vision Group to secure a stall and be part for the biggest agricultural event of the country,” Jaquiline Taweeka says.

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