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Pig Rearing: What You Must Know!

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Why do we keep pigs?
To produce meat fairly quickly and to get income from it.

To produce industrial goods such as leather and bristles.

Pigs produce very high value manure which is useful for enriching the soil.

What are the advantages of pig production?

Pigs grow rapidly from 1.5kg at birth to 90kg in 170 days only.

Pigs can be raised on small piece of land, especially where land holdings are small.

They produce many young ones. You can raise 20 pigs from one female pig (sow) in a year.

Pig production has low labour requirements

Pigs are mainly fed on maize and other grains and root tubers, which can normally be bought at very low prices during peak seasons of harvesting.

Pigs can also be raised on pasture and other crop residues and agro-industrial by products.

Pigs give quick returns on your investment.

Common Breeds of pigs found in the country
a)Large White

It is white in colour with erect ears and a ditched face. It produces many piglets and survives in fairly harsh conditions.

Has drooping ears, white in colour with long and big body. It has along straight snout. It is commonly crossed with the large white.

c)Duroc breed
It is mahogany to red in colour. Has good mothering ability. It is resistant to stress and is adaptable to various environmental conditions. It is very useful in crossbreeding programems.

It is common to find crosses of Large white and Landrace. These crosses are very good when used as sows for breeding.

Selection of pigs for breeding
Select good gilts from sows of a superior breed that wean 9-10 piglets per litter and that are known to be good mothers.

The selected gilts should have at least 12-14 teats so that a large litter can be easily nursed.

Gilts should be healthy with strong legs and well developed body and thigh muscles.

Beginners in pig farming are advised to start with about 1-2 gilts/sows and progress as more experience and skill is gained.

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