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 Pig Farming: Before You Start, Here Is What You Need To Know

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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By Umar Nsubuga

Francis Kimuli, a resident of Lwadda in Matugga Wakiso wants to begin a pig project. 

However, he wants to know the recommended spacing for pigs, how should a pig be fed (diet, quantity and time), what are the most common diseases associated with pigs and their possible remedies in case the veterinarian is not so easy to get.


Charles Lwanga, a vet doctor says spacing depends on age. A young pig of 10-20kg (five weight) requires about 0.5m2 of space.

“Thus, you can keep 18 of them in a pen measuring 3×3 metres. When they grow to about 20 to 40kg, their space requirement increases to about 0.65m2 and the same pen size will take only 14 of them. For the age group weighing 40 to 50 kg, the same per size can take only 11 pigs,” he explains.

A 50kg pig should eat about two kg of dry ration a day. Photos by Umar Nsubuga

For farmers who keep pigs for pork, it is advisable to sell them by the time they are 60-70kg. Lwanga says If you have to keep them longer, increase the spacing, pigs weighing 70-100kg need about 1m2 of space, so a pen of 3×3 metres can take only nine of them.


Lwanga says pigs eat maize, maize bran, cassava, and potatoes among others as the main energy source. To these, you will need to add protein sources like soya bean meal and sunflower seed meal. A diet of juicy greens like potato vines will add vital nutrients that pigs cannot get from dry ration.

“You will also need a shell meal and vitamin premixes. You can buy commercial pig rations. Again, the required quantity depends on age. The weight of a growing pig should be about 20 times the food it eats daily, whether you use commercial or home-mixed rations.” he explains.

For instance, he says a 50kg pig should eat about two kg of dry ration a day. 


Several diseases afflict pigs but the most scary one is African swine fever. It can wipe out an entire stock. To prevent it, avoid feeding pigs on left-over human food.

Also, confine them so they do not mix with stray pigs. And the pig keeper should observe strict hygiene.

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