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Parishioners Trained On Commercial Poultry Farming

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By Geoffrey Angupale

Members of the finance, planning and development committee at St Martha Catholic parish, Katrini in Arua Catholic Diocese, have been equipped with commercial poultry rearing skills.

The skills are meant to boost income in the church and communities. The training, which commenced on Friday last week, attracted all the five members of the committee at parish level and participants from all eight chapels.

Samuel Caku, the parish finance, planning and development committee chairperson, said they were planning to raise income through poultry farming.

The facilitator of the training, Dr Pasquale Pamvuga, guided participants on how to raise broilers in large quantities, cost-effectively.

“Vaccination of one-day-old chicks is done against manhole, Newcastle disease and fowl typhoid from the source, so you must prepare to keep them free from hygiene-related infections like coccidiosis, coldness and inflammation of feet,” Pamvuga said.

He told trainees to feed broiler chicks with a balanced diet from day one until they mature within two months.

“From week one to three, give chicken mash to broilers, from four weeks, feed them on grower’s mash, seven to eight weeks, give them finish mash and at two months sell them off,” Pamvuga said.

Participants pledged to disseminate and practice the knowledge acquired to achieve goals set by their parish priest

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