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Onions More Than A Bulb

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Onions are one of those food items you can use for more than just cooking. Onions consist mostly of water and fiber.

Dr Nicholas Nsubuga, a specialist from a personal clinic in Kansanga, Kampala, details the benefits of onions;

  1. Onions are medicine and help in reducing risks of cancer, lower blood sugar in the body and improve bone health.
  2. Onions make burned rice edible because it improves the taste of the rice food.
  3. They are used for cleaning door and window glasses and rusty knives.
  4. They help in reducing big berries among people because of its fiber content.
  5. Preserve avocados not to go bad.
  6. Add and improve taste and flavour when eaten raw for people who have low appetite.
  7. To control bad odour in smelly rooms, cut an onion and spread it around.

However, did u know that onions can be dangerous to your health if too much of it is eaten? They can also cause bad breath and eye irritation.

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