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Decorate Your Home With Plastic Flowers

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IT is common today to find artificial flowers in living rooms. Plastic flowers are easy to maintain. You can easily wash and clean them using a wet cloth.

This saves water as opposed to watering the natural ones.

Plastic flowers can easily be transported to any place, unlike the natural flowers which are delicate.

Apart from using them for decorating the living room, they are ideal for decoration for instance at introduction ceremonies, in churches and parties.

Hassan Ssemakula, the general manager at Standard Supermarket, in Kampala, which sells plastic flowers, says they come in different designs, colours and shapes.

Ssemakula, however, says some are made on order.

He says they are easy to maintain. With playful kids at home, plastic flowers are ideal since they (kids) cannot destroy them easily like the natural flowers.

I have used plastic flowers in my home for almost 15 years. I just change them and mix the colours,” Ssemakula says.

“In my home, my children love carrying them as babies but they are not destroyed. I just return them to their original places after they have finished playing.

The flowers are available in all supermarkets around. Go for it, and merry Xmas!

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