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Mayanja Urges Farmers To Be Patient

by Wangah Wanyama
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By Dallen Namugga

Farming expert Bashir Mayanja, a past recipient of the Best Farmer Awards in 2014, advises passion fruit crop growers to exercise patience for optimal yields. Speaking at the 2024 Harvest Money Expo held at Kololo Independence Grounds, Mayanja emphasised the importance of patience during a training session on passion fruit cultivation. According to Mayanja, impatience and the pursuit of quick profits in other endeavours often leads farmers to neglect their crops, resulting in diminished returns. 

“You find that what would have brought you over sh7m get you less than sh2m because you always abandon your crops to go and attend to a business that gives you sh5,000 per day,” he said. “We have always given advice and counsel to people when it comes to passion fruit growing, the quality of seedlings, spraying, and boosters; all they have to do is understand that their efforts give them the results they deserve. You cannot serve more than two masters,” he added. He emphasised the importance of understanding the correlation between effort and results, cautioning against attempting to serve multiple interests simultaneously. 

Evelyn Naiga, a businesswoman from Mukono district intending to venture into passion fruit farming, commended Mayiga’s training session for shedding light on the simplicity of starting a passion fruit farm. “I am a businesswoman, always looking out for opportunities, but having heard Mayiga’s teachings, I think it’s a matter of making a decision and putting your heart into your work, then you start to make profits,” Naiga said.

Stephen Mukhwana, a 51-year-old farmer aspiring to cultivate passion fruits, acknowledged the time and patience required in farming, but emphasised the feasibility of managing both farming and business endeavours through proper organisation and prioritisation. He expressed optimism about applying the lessons learned to improve his farming practices.

The expo featured various sessions addressing topics such as pig keeping, opportunities in the Dutch agriculture sector, urban farming, fish farming, goat keeping, youth agricultural opportunities, beekeeping, and rabbit keeping; providing attendees with a diverse range of learning opportunities and insights.

Sponsored by entities such as the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Tunga Nutrition, along with government agricultural institutions, financial institutions, agricultural equipment suppliers, food processors, and non-governmental organisations, the Harvest Money Expo serves as a vital platform for showcasing agricultural innovations, facilitating knowledge exchange, and promoting agricultural development in Uganda. There is a wealth of knowledge and opportunities at the expo, serving as a convergence point for government bodies, ministries, private enterprises, and international firms.  The Harvest Money Expo is an agricultural event organised by Vision Group in Uganda. It aims to bring together stakeholders in the agricultural sector, including farmers, agribusinesses, policymakers, and investors, to showcase innovations, technologies, and best practices in farming. 

The expo typically features exhibitions, workshops, seminars, and networking opportunities focused on enhancing productivity and profitability in agriculture. It plays a crucial role in promoting modern farming techniques, market access, and agricultural development in Uganda.

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