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Let Us Grab That Market And Retain It

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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By Joshua Kato

There are two key cash crops whose price is increasing rapidly; cocoa and coffee.

In Bundibugyo, which is the main hub of cocoa production after Mukono, the price of a kilo rose in April from sh8,000 to sh17,000. This was also the same case in Busoga and Mukono.

As for coffee, a kilo of parchment rose from sh8,000 to sh14,000 in April.

Prices are rising because other world producers of the product, especially in West Africa failed! However, whenever prices rise like this, the quality of the product drops due to farmers harvesting immature products and failure to dry them well.

To sustain the market, let us ensure that the quality is maintained and rehabilitate old cocoa and coffee shambas so that production increases.

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