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Layers: Egg Production Maths For Profitable Commercial Farming

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Througha laying period of 70 weeks, or over one year and half, a well maintained layer will produce at least 418 eggs or 13 egg trays. At a cost of sh10,000 a tray each, that is sh130,000 earned per layer or sh130m from the entire stock. And then, as when you sell them as off layers, each goes for an average sh14,000 on the farm earning you sh14m. total gross earnings is around sh140m while running expenditure is about sh100m. 

Collect eggs at least three times a day and arrange them on trays before they go to the market.  Use the media to advertise the sale of your eggs, visit key egg selling centres like Kafumbe Mukasa Road in Kampala too.

How many eggs can a commercial layer lay economically?

Commercial layers can lay between 240-310 eggs in a lifetime. However, the number of eggs laid depends on several other factors including the feeding and the general environment in which the chicken are kept. For example, loud noise near the chicken houses can affect the egg laying process. Poor feeding can reduce egg production, just like the temperature in the chicken house and diseases like Newcastle. You can tell that a chicken is laying eggs if its comb is brick red, the feathers are shiny and the vent is wide and can take three fingers spread across it.

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