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Eat Red Cabbage For Great Health!

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The red cabbage owes its peculiar purple colour to the presence of some natural pigments called anthocyanins and shares the same digestive properties with ordinary cabbage.

The recipe provides proteins and carbohydrates with very little fat and no cholesterol giving the needed nutrition and satisfies the palate without any risk of causing obesity.

It is therefore recommended for the stomach because of the anti-inflammatory properties of red cabbage and the chestnuts can neutralise the excess acidity.

It is good for the arteries and the heart because of the low sodium content, prevents cancer especially in the digestive tract.

– 1 kg of red cabbage
– 250g chestnuts
– 2 apples
– 2 cloves of garlic
– 4 tablespoons of olive oil
– Sea salt

– Wash and chop the red cabbage
– Peel and chop the apples
– Peel and chop the garlic

-Make an incision in each chestnut, scald the chestnuts i to peel them
– Boil the red cabbage in salted water until it is tender but still slightly crunchy
– Boil the peeled chestnuts in a little salted water

  • Heat the oil in a pan, lightly fry the apples until they are slightly golden. Set them aside
  • In the same oil, fry the garlic until golden. Drain the cabbage and the chestnuts and add them to the garlic
  • Continue to fry for 5 more minutes and add the apples keeping the fire low for a few more minutes
  • Serve hot.

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