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Home Markets Interested in Export Business? Here Is How To Go About It

Interested in Export Business? Here Is How To Go About It

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  • Secure your supply by establishing long-term business relationships or entering supply programmes. Consult with your European Union buyers to determine the products whose demand they expect to increase.
  • Focus on specific niches and innovations. Stay abreast of developments and prices in your segment, through informative websites, including Fresh Fruit Portal, Freshplaza and Fruitrop.
  • Choose an importer based on your strategy and strengths: brand or private label, open or exclusive relationship, wholesale or retail, supply programme or spot.
  • Germany, the UK and France are the main destinations. If you focus on these markets, it is useful to visit the Fruit Logistica trade fair in Berlin, Germany, to find an importer in those three major destination markets.
  • If you wish to export to Europe as a whole or to growth markets in eastern Europe, find importing partners in trade hub countries, such as the Netherlands and Belgium.
  • Transparency and promotion through storytelling: show end users where a product comes from and who the farmer is. Use an Internet site for your story and stickers on the fruit, bags or other materials to lead end-users to your site.
  • For well-developed markets, adopt a distinctive strategy involving high-quality and innovative products, in addition to ensuring the proper variety and timing. Make sure your importer knows how to market your product, or develop a product together. This will guarantee you a better competitive position and a fair price.
  • Follow European production schemes for out-of-season production or supply fruit and vegetables that are not produced in Europe. Discuss the market opportunities with your buyer.
  • Import demand for fresh fruit in European markets can fluctuate due to occasional bad weather conditions. This can offer short-term opportunities in the European market. Be prepared to act quickly on sudden drops in fresh product availability.

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