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Hygiene Tips For Your Farm

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Every year, livestock farmers in Uganda lose thousands of shillings due to disease outbreaks on their farms. To help minimise the spread of diseases, it is important to follow proper hygienic practices.

We shall suggest some simple measures you can take to minimise the introduction of disease onto your property.


Wash your hands before and after handling your livestock. Clean feed bowls, bins, troughs and feeders regularly. The same goes for water containers. Keep animal quarters clean and dry. Have a set of clothes and footwear that you wear only for work on your operation. Clean them regularly. Do not mix with your other clothes.


When used correctly, a disinfectant will kill the germs it was designed to be used against. Clean and disinfect all equipment and tools used on your farm. Because most disinfectants are rapidly inactivated by soil and organic matter, you should thoroughly clean any objects to be disinfected with water and detergent before applying the disinfectant. Clean and disinfect vehicles which transport animals. Clean and disinfect pens, cages, buildings, etc. after use by animals, e.g. after a flock has been sold.


Creating and maintaining physical barriers to minimise the opportunities for infectious agents to get into a disease-free area. Always control the entry of birds like eagles, especially those from outside the premises, since they always carry diseases that will be a danger to your farm animals.

Share your plan

Make sure your family, employees and visitors know about your farm hygiene plan, understand it and are willing to follow it at all times. It makes no sense having a good hygiene plan that no-one follows.

Keep records

It is important to keep records of where animals are purchased from, vaccinations and treatments needed among others. These records can provide a lot of useful information at any time it is required.

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