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How To Use Rabbit Urine As Fertiliser And Pesticide

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Humprey Katarikawe uses rabbit urine and droppings in his backyard garden.

He also sells the surplus to other gardeners.

“It’s organic and good for all plants including flowers, spices, matooke and vegetables among others,” he says. 

Katarikawe explains that weeds and vegetables make up 75% of the rabbits’ diet. This makes their excrement nutritious.

Alisen Nuwamanya, a professional agriculturist and backyard gardener says the urine and droppings contain nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other microelements needed for healthy crop growth. 

Packed rabbit urine. Photos by Ritah Mukasa

Nitrogen helps in leaf formation and because of the concentration of the compounds in the urine; the liquid also kills crop pests like aphids. These destroy leaves.

Besides, this fertilizer lasts for a long time in the soil. It takes one to six months and it takes less time to ferment.

How to apply

Katarikawe explains that before the fertilizer is ready for use, it goes through a fine-making process, taking one and a half months. But you can also apply it directly.

If you want to use it as foliar fertilizer, mix one litre of rabbit urine with five litres of water. While as an insecticide, a ratio of 1:2 urine to water is recommended. You can also add dry chilly, neem leaves and ash.

The urine can also be added to a rabbit manure biogas digester to boost gas productivity.

Fertilizer application has to be done around the roots and for pesticides, spray on the foliage and affected stems, stalks and branches.

How to tell genuine from fake

Today, even rabbit urine fertilizer can be adulterated by unscrupulous money makers. 

Katarikawe says genuine urine should have a strong smell even when diluted thanks to the ammonia it contains.

Also, the fake one can’t yield results when used.


A litre of pre-mixed urine costs sh20, 000 and the concentrated one (not mixed) costs sh35,000. 

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