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How To Treat A Hangover

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Most people who take alcohol testify that their biggest fear is the morning after a thrilling night of enjoying the booze.

The fear is that of a hangover that leaves many feeling like they have been bedridden for a long time.

Signs of a hangover?

For those who are still alcohol shy and have absolutely no idea what a hangover is, it is that feeling of wanting to throw up, unbearable headache, multiple body pains, and general body weakness.

How to handle a hangover

For the perennial drinkers, perhaps you know a thing or two about how to handle a hangover or better still, how to prevent it.

For a fresher in the alcohol fraternity, here’s how to look out for the worst hangover experience of your life.

Firstly, go slow on certain types of alcoholic

If your body system is not yet friends with booze, it better to stay away from spirits like Waragi otherwise you will start throwing up before you even leave the bar.

Beers with an alcohol content below 5% will give you a significant but manageable hangover if taken smartly.

Take soft drinks alongside the booze

By smart drinking, basics would require you to have a bottle of cold water next to you as your beer runs down your throat. The water will help weaken the intensity of alcohol in your body, hence, preventing a terrible hangover.

Sometimes punching the alcohol with other drinks like soda, juice, also helps reduce the strength of the alcohol content, hence a mild hangover.

Take some pain killers

Alternatively, majority usually recommend the use of pain killers like panadol tablets. This prevents headaches and dizziness in the morning.

Drink less

However, all this said, the simplest way to prevent a hangover to avoid taking beyond your limits. Every alcohol friendly person knows when they have hit their limits.

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