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How To Tell WhenAvocado Fruit Is Ready For Harvest

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Change of colour

In dark varieties, there is a change in colour from green to black or purple.

On green varieties, the fruit stems turn yellow, the skin may appear less shiny, or the end develops rust-like spots. Some varieties develop a whitish appearance.

Products from avocado

Avocado oil is one of the healthiest super food oils. Just like the fruit itself, avocado oil is packed full of healthy fats. It is made by pressing the fleshy pulp.

Avocado spread is just like mayonnaise. Each bottle of avocado spread contains around 85% avocado, plus a little lemon juice, white wine vinegar and grapeseed oil, for tang and extra creaminess.

Avocado smoothie

It is basically avocado blended with fruit and grape juice, and a squeeze of lemon to stop the mixture from going brown.

Avocado is also used on cosmetic products as one of the ingredients.

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