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How To Select Good Seeds For A Coffee Farm

by Joshua Kato
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The selection of good quality planting material starts with choosing a variety suitable for the climate. Prevalence of berry borer and coffee rust are important indicators as to whether the coffee variety is suited to the area. It is therefore, important to consult local extension workers before determining which variety to plant.   

Varieties that are resistant to common diseases like coffee wilt disease, coffee berry disease, or coffee leaf rust should be selected. Again here, ask the area extension worker for details.  Improved varieties can be obtained through local extension offices or coffee research stations and certified coffee nurseries available in most coffee-growing areas across the country. On average, a seedling costs sh300.

How do we propagate coffee seeds?

 In Uganda, coffee is commonly propagated by seed. This is because it is easy and quick to raise seedlings by seed. All you do is select dried coffee seeds and plant them in a nursery bed. However, raising coffee seedlings by seed takes longer to grow than vegetatively propagated coffee, also known as cloning.

Vegetative propagation has the advantage that coffee will carry all the qualities of the parent plant. Cuttings are ideally obtained from selected mother gardens of desired varieties. Coffee plants raised from clonal cuttings bear berries 24-36 months after transplanting, whereas plants grown from seeds bear fruit.

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