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How To Raise Rabbits In Your Backyard

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Rabbit rearing in your backyard is possible, as long as you are passionate about them and are sure you will take good care of them.

Invest in a good cage 

Rabbits do well when their cage or house is well built and clean to allow them to move, relax and feed freely without them being squeezed.

If rabbits are kept in a dirty place, they can die. One needs to ensure maximum cleanliness of their cage.

Invest in a good breed of rabbits

To get increased numbers, invest in a good breed of rabbits. Examples include the Dutch and the New Zealand white and black.

Research is key

Mishaal Kiza, a rabbit farmer notes that researching rabbits will help you get the right information needed to care for them to maximize their benefits.


Feeding rabbits is quite crucial because if they are not fed well, they will not grow well. Rabbits can be fed on dry grass and blackjack.

Basic facts about rabbits

· According to the House Rabbit Society, rabbits are not rodents. They are lagomorphs. Other lagomorphs include hares and pikas.

· A well cared for house rabbit that has been spayed or neutered early in life has a life expectancy of eight to 12 years of age.

· The gestation period of a rabbit is 28-31 days.

· A group of wild rabbits is called a fluffle or a colony.

· A group of rabbits lives in a warren.

· Rabbits are crepuscular, meaning they are most active at dusk and dawn.

· Rabbits have a blind spot right in front of their nose.

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