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How To Properly Harvest Mangoes

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Growing mangoes and oranges can be rewarding if a farmer adopts the best practices. However, while the tree may yield well, farmers make losses due to poor harvesting and storage methods. But how do you identify a ready to harvest fruit?

Maturity Period: 12 – 16 weeks after fruit set

• Maturity: Some indicators of maturity include:

– Well developed shoulders

– Skin changes from green to yellow

– Colour of flesh: The flesh around the seed turn from white to yellow

– Sugar content increases

• Harvesting: Use secateurs. Do not knock or drop the fruits. Fruits should be harvested with 3 – 4 cm stalk. Drain the latex from the fruits by turning.

• Yields: 10,000 – 15,000kg per acre from the 7th year

Post-Harvest Handling

Containers & Packaging Materials

Selecting mangoes

• For export market, pack in single layer in fibreboard cartons of 4 – 5 kg weight. The fruits per carton range from 6 – 24.The cartons should be well ventilated

Value Addition Techniques: Sorting, Cleaning & Grading

Sorting: Remove diseased, mis-shaped, damaged and unripe fruitsand foreign matter

Cleaning: Cleaning with a clean damp cloth

Grading: According to size, colour, and texture (Class 1 & Class11)   

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