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How To Prevent Toxins In Ground Nuts

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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  • Weed carefully without injuring the crop, especially the pods in the ground.
  • Farmers should harvest crops and plants in time because any delay can lead to the sprouting of seeds from the pods, which creates an entry point for the fungus.
  • After harvesting, ensure that the groundnuts dry properly and retain the right amount of moisture. For you to know that the ground nuts are dry, shake the pod and when you hear a rattling sound or bite one of the nuts and feel the crunchiness, it means that the nuts are dry.
  • Keep the groundnuts in aerated sisal bags so that there is enough circulation.
  • When stacking or arranging the bags in the store, they should not be spaced and should be above the ground. Storing them on the ground or the floor makes them absorb moisture.
  • When it comes to processing or eating, shell what you are going to cook at that time because the shell is enough protection for the nut not to pick up any disease-causing organisms, including fungus.
  • If you do not trust the source of food, prepare your own instead of consuming one that is contaminated. Symptoms of eating nuts with aflatoxins are jaundice, swollen stomach and diarrhoea.

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