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How To Make Organic Pesticides

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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How to use black jack (sere)

  • This can be used to control ants, mealy bugs, beetles, snails and termites.
  • Collect 500gm of blackjack seeds.
  • Boil them for 10 minutes in two litres of water.
  • Allow to cool, then add three litres of water, a teaspoonful of washing soap and spray.
  • This can be stored for over one

How to use neem tree extracts

  • This can be used to control ants, snails, mealy bugs, beetles and termites.
  • Collect 1kg of neem tree leaves.
  • grind them into paste.
  • Add four litres of water and then stir thoroughly every after 10 minutes for one hour.
  • Sieve or strain out the liquid.
  • Dissolve a matchbox-size of washing soap and then spray.

Using urine as fertilizer

  • Collect urine from the toilet or animal shade.
  • Store it in a drum or cemented pit for at least three months in order to reduce on ammonia level.
  • Mix at the ratio of one litre of urine to10 litres of water and then apply on the crops.

Nitrogen producing plants

There are several ways of ensuring that the soils and crops are well-fertilised naturally.

One can use nitrogen producing crops or processing and mixing fertilisers on the farm. It is better to plant or practise mixed cropping for legumes and manure crops for the soil to get all nutrients needed in plant growth.

Such legumes include sun hemp, jack beans, velvet beans, lablab, common beans, cowpeas, calliandra and tithonia. These crops do not only have nitrogen adding elements, but also strong roots that reduce soil erosion on farms.

All these crop seeds can be obtained in most shops in Uganda.

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