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Facts About Brahmans

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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  • Brahman is a beef breed common across USA, South America and Australia.
  • The breed is developed from the Zebu cattle of Asia and has been selectively bred from Indian strains of Kankrej, Ongole, Gir and Gujarat cattle.
  • Is often used in crossbreeding programmes; one of the most famous resulting breeds being the Brangus cattle type.
  • Brahman cattle can adapt well to any climate, particularly countries with high temperatures and humidity, like Uganda. Their glossy coat reflect light and their skin is loose, with special sweat glands to keep them cool.
  • They have a distinctive and muscular appearance, with a prominent hump over their shoulders and neck.
  • Brahmans have horns that curve upwards and slightly towards their rear.
  • Brahman cows weigh about 600kg, while bulls weigh about 900kg.
  • They are usually healthy and are resistant to parasites. Their thick skin acts as a barrier against tropical insect bites and their sweat odour is also a repellent. Cases of eye cancer are also uncommon.
  • They are docile and easy to handle with a friendly nature.
  • Brahman cows are excellent mothers with good longevity and can be expected to calve regularly well into their mid-teens. This reduces herd replacement costs.
  • As a breed, their libido is strong and they are often labelled as sexually precocious animals!
  • Brahman cattle grow quickly and finish early for good beef production! Their carcasses have low fat and high muscle content.

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