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How To Make Money From Your Garden

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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By Jovita Mirembe

Diana Mbabaal, the director of Keyscapes Limited and a gardener, says if one wants to master the art of gardening and make money out of it, they should have a presentable garden that attracts people to flowers and trees they know by name. 

Also, owning a variety of tools in your garden and knowing their different names are among the top signs you have mastered the art of gardening and so can command a following. 

According to her, the beauty of gardening is that you do not have to be a master to get involved, and you often just need the right tools for the job.

Identify local farmer markets

Here, you can establish relationships with customers by promoting your plants and setting up regular sales. Additionally, consider advertising in newspapers or on social media platforms such as Facebook, various WhatsApp groups, and Instagram, Mbabaali says.

Hire your garden for tours, fairs and parties

According to Mbabaali, hiring your garden in portions can make you money. These can be used by people throwing parties. Also, running garden tours and selling and delivering flowers is a good way to make money out of gardening. 

Joan Kizza, another gardener says if your flower garden is large, you can host a flower fair, at least once a year, where members of your community can sell their produce, seeds, or plants. 

“You receive payment at the end in addition to the rent they pay for their stands,” she says. 

Also, team up with schools and offer garden tour packages for students at different stages of learning. In addition to educating the next generation, one also contributes to building capacity in the gardening community, while positioning themselves as a trusted expert in the field. This leads to brand growth and visibility, and ultimately increased customer loyalty.

Selling herbs, medicinal plants

People love dried herb mixes that are home-made; therefore, starting to sell them will make money for you. Just collect your garden herbs, dry and blend them. Come up with something functional and give it a fancy name. You would be surprised at how quickly you become a household name. 

LEAD PHOTO CAPTION: A collection of various plants that can be planted in your home or for sell. Photo by Jovita Mirembe

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