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How To Make A Simple, Affordable Greenhouse

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You can grow food such as vegetables and fruits like tomatoes, grapes, cucumbers, peppers and culinary spices all year round inside a greenhouse.

It can prevent damage from pests such as mice, slugs and snails because the plants are kept off the ground.

Leonard Muzahura, a gardener says, a modern greenhouse kit can be costly to low-income earners.

For example, one of 10X6 meters costs about sh12m to install. The bigger the greenhouse, the higher the cost of installation.

Fortunately, there are shade options one can choose from on a budget.

“I have installed several shades with timber, metallic bars, plain sheets and green nets,” he says.

A greet net of 50 meters costs sh700, 000. A plain sheet cost sh75, 000.

Some people use plastic or transparent sheeting with a wooden base.

“But those sheets are discouraged by specialists. They absorb much heat which can damage the plants,” he warns.

Momo Amelia Masiko, a backyard gardener made a greenhouse with bars instead of timber.

She says, she wanted something durable. The bars were fabricated into a structure which she covered with a green net.

“I spent about sh1.2m,” she says.

She also added shelves where she keeps the potted orchids for sale. She hangs the rest on the bars.

She used aggregate stones for flooring. These help to keep the shade cool.

Elsewhere, mini plastic greenhouses can also be used. They are mobile and take up little space.

But if you want to grow on a large scale, you may need a full-sized greenhouse.

Alisen Nuwamanya, an agriculturist and farmer majoring in backyard gardening says, a greenhouse provides a stable environment for the plants mostly those in areas that receive plenty of sun.

You can grow all year round, regardless of the weather. It protects plants from harsh weather conditions such as cold winds and excess rains. During hot days and long dry spells, the house insulates and keeps the plants cool and moist.

“The house is meant to secure a reasonable amount of heat and water vapour. These help to maintain warmth and humidity,” he explains.

Besides, before entering, there is a ditch for disinfecting the footwear such that no infections are carried inside.

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