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How To Keep Predators Away From Your Fish Farm

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I am a fish farmer. However, predators are giving me a hard time. How do I keep them away from the farm? Lubega

Answer: It is a fact that predators pose, perhaps, the biggest threat to fish farmers. In some instances, they may consume as much as 30% of the stock.

They start attacking the fish right from the day of stocking and this has discouraged many farmers from going on with fish.

Common predators include insects such as beetles that feed on fish fry, diving birds, snakes, frogs etc. This is why they must be controlled. There are several ways of controlling predators.

You can sterilise the fish pond for 2-4 weeks before filling water for restocking for the pond. You sterilise using quick lime applied at a rate of 100grammes per square metre or hydrated lime, applied at a rate of 150grammes per square metre.

Lime is readily available at agro-inputs stores. This can keep off most insects from the pond waters. For snakes, you can use tobacco wastes applied at a rate of 200grammes per square metre.

Snakes are repelled by tobacco smell so they will certainly keep off the pond. Alternatively, you can grow tobacco around the pond.

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