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How To Hit The Market During Dry Season 

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Vincent Rwabambari, a 55-year-old onion and tomato grower in Rubirizi district, Katerera constituency is a game changer in targeting the market for his produce. 

Rwabambari plants onions at the beginning of August while the rest of the farmers plant tomatoes during this period. 

The crop is ready for harvest in early November. This gives him a chance to fetch good money in the market since the market has a low supply. 

Here is how he achieves it:

  • He gives land two weeks to rest to avoid heat from the soil from destroying the next crops. 
  • Plough the land, give it one more week to rest and then mulch the soil to keep it moist. Moist soil helps the crops germinate strongly and be healthy. 

Rwabambari ready for his second season in December 

  • He plants tomatoes in the first two days of December. 
  • He starts irrigation in January when the crops have germinated. 
  • He will hit the market in late February while other farmers are just planting. 

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