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How To Feed Piglets To Achieve Optimum Growth

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A piglet that is well-fed weighs at least 25kg at two and half months, compared to an average 4kg in Uganda.

A piglet needs at least 19.4 litres of sow milk from day one up to 25 days old.

This milk is divided by the days, with volumes growing in accordance with the age and weight of the piglets.

Farmers must realise that sow milk is the best feed for piglets. Make sure that the piglet gets this milk.

If a piglet cannot breastfeed, then a farmer has to feed it using a cup.

For the first three days, a piglet needs at least 200ml of milk.  This grows to 1,100ml through the first 7 days. 

Then after weaning, a feeding resume of around 1kg is maintained per day after two months, in two givings.

Sinceyour objective is to fatten the piglets that you got and sell them off for pork at least at five months, you need to castrate the males at between 5-7 days.

Castration helps them grow fatter faster because their bodies are not tuned to pro-creation (manufacturing sperm). With a daily feeding of 2-3kg after three months, the pigs could gain at least 45-50kg. This is good enough to sell them for pork at around sh400,000 each. 

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