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How To Collect Urine For Fertiliser Usage

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In places that gather large groups of people, such as bars and schools, toilets can be constructed in such a way that urine flows into a separate tank.

It is not difficult to connect the urinals to a collection tank. All that is needed are pipes and a holding tank, depending on the amount of urine released. 

However, waste must be collected separately to allows urine to be used as a liquid fertiliser.

It is from the storage tank that it (urine) is picked and taken for further processing.

It can used on crops as a manure.

How to apply urine manure

It is advisable to apply the manure on the soil, between plants, so that the plant can take it up using its roots.

Just like all the other fertilisers and pesticides, urine should never be applied directly onto the part of the plant to be harvested.

Also, crops should not be fertilised within a month before harvest.

Fertilisation with urine should be carried out with watering cans. When large quantities of urine are to be applied on extensive areas, application devices used for other liquid fertilisers are preferable.

Human urine contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which are the commonest requirements in making fertiliser.

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