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How To Apply Urine In Your Banana Plantation

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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QN: I have been collecting human urine, I have 12 full Jerrycans and I want to use it in my banana plant. How should I apply it and in what proportion.

Make a ratio of 1:2 of water, pour 5 litres per plant.

Add in charcoal dust (lusenyente) and cow dung, and apply it directly to your banana plant. You can even dilute it with a little with water. 

Or you can use microbes to compost it for six months. Put the urine in a heavy-duty plastic drum with a tight lid. You may add in some grass, and put a handful of starter microbes, tie it tightly and let it sit where the sun hits the whole day for six months. Then, apply it at a ratio of 1 litre to 100 litres of water.

What are microbes? 

They are small organisms that we cannot see with our naked eyes which improve soil fertility, defend plants against disease, help plants to source more water, and help plants to survive in salty water or water-logged soil.

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