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How Much Fish Should One Stock In A Pond?

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This is very important for fish farmers because most farmers do not know the right density or the amount of fish to be stocked in a pond.

Many think that they can get a lot of fish by stocking heavily not knowing that each pond has a maximum carrying capacity and once it is over stocked the fish may not die, but it will experience stunted growth and this will automatically kill the market.

Look out for the best variety because this is what determines growth. Farmers are advised to stock within 10 days after filling the pond with water.

Fingerlings weigh 7-10g. A maximum of 2kg per square metre for catfish is recommended, while 1kg is recommended for tilapia. This means that if tilapia weighs 10g, you can stock as many as 100 fingerlings in a square metre.

On the other hand, if catfish fingerlings weigh 10g and you need 2k, you stock 200 fingerlings per square metre.   

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