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How Do I Ensure That Cage Fish Farming Is Successful?

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The success of a cage depends on the availability of water resources and materials for construction. In Uganda, there is no short supply of water bodies. Other than Lake Victoria, there are smaller lakes across the country, on which the cages can be fixed. Before one makes a selection of a spot for the cages, serious studies must be under taken to among others determine the depth of the lake at that particular area, the appearance of heavy winds that may cause waves in the area etc.

In terms of materials, the cage requires a metallic mesh, that is constructed into a box and placed in a section of the lake. The structure is fixed with floaters so that it does not sink. Some farmers use plastic drums. The cage is then covered by another mesh that is however opened during feeding and harvesting. The other advantage-compared to traditional pond fish farming is that there is no need for water quality control, since this water is recycled within the lake.  

Do I need to feed fish that is in cages?

Yes. Fish in cages is also very easy to feed.  It feeds on common fish feeds including pellets. These are dropped on the waters over the cases and fish comes up and scoop it. The advantage is that the feeding is well controlled so there is no wastage of feeds.  Because of the easy and targeted feeding, the fish grow faster.  

The farmers  production is predictable, which is not so with fishing in the wild.  You may go out with 100 nets and you come back with two pieces of fish.  But if you have your cage and you have looked after these fish very well, you can predict the production, and even the money that you can get from it.

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