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How Best Do I Manage Female Goats (Does)?

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 Young females mate from the age of 8-12 months.

 Good nutrition is key because it helps animal to grow faster and ready for mating.

 Good feeding increases fertility and litter size.

 Do not mate young animals (less than 8 months) because this leads to poor kids.

 A well-managed female can produce kids for about eight years.

 Pregnancy in goats 145-150 days (five months).

 The heat period lasts between 24-26 hours.

 The presence of the male in the flock triggers heat.

Signs, which may indicate that the doe is on heat

Mounting other animals

-Seeking males                                                                                        

-Continuous bleating

-Mucous discharge from the vagina. Provide male at this point.

Answered by Grace Bwogi

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