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Growing Organic Pineapples? What You Should Know

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Uganda’s pineapples are lauded as some of the best in the world. However, in many cases, the quality is undermined by poor planting, poor harvesting and poor post-harvest handling methods.

The lucrative European markets demand organic pineapples.

Hassan Serwadda, a resident of Nsiima Salaam Nazigo trading centre in Kayunga district, grows pineapples on over five acres of land.

He says pineapple growing is relatively easy and is adoptive to dry areas. He adds that pineapples don’t need a lot of water, thanks to the fact that they have tough leaves that preserve water.

Interestingly, pineapples can survive in poor soils since they have a big root system. They thrive in well-drained acidic soils.

Going about it

1. To begin with, prepare the field at least a month before planting and cover it with rotting crop manure.

2. Than, prepare the seedlings by keeping them in a moist place.

3. Plant them at least one-and-a-half feet apart.

4. Use animal manure to cover the spaces in-between the rows.

5. Do not spray with chemicals, but instead with charcoal or domestic ash mixed with water and animal urine, which kills pests.

6. The fruit plant takes from 15 and 18 months to mature.

7. When harvesting, bend the fruit slightly and cut it off the plant. Do not just slash it off.

8. Do not allow the fruit to fall to the ground as this may lead to scratches, which become black spots in the long-run.

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