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Grow Tuberose And Chase Mosquitoes Away

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By Jovita Mirembe

Tuberose flowers are perfumed pretty plants with a strong and appealing fragrance which is strongest in the evening.

Diana Mbabaali a gardener says the plant is a mosquito repellent because of its chloroform property that keeps them away.

She says the chloroform in the plant is a type of insecticide which controls mosquitoes’ access into your indoors and outdoors.

“The chloroform kills the mosquito larvae before they can grow into adults. The plant also reduces stress because of its appealing fragrance. When the homeowner inhales the scent, the aroma goes to the brain, hence the person feeling relaxed,” Mbabaali said.

Growing indoors

Because of its appealing fragrance, many homeowners love to plant tuberoses in their living rooms.

Kizza says fill a container halfway with good quality, well-drained potting soil. The container should be at least 15cm across and must have a drainage hole in the bottom. She says after preparing the pot, water the soil well and set it aside to drain until it feels moist, but not saturated.

“Set the tuberose bulb in the soil and plant the bulb in the soil to about 10cm beneath the surface. Place your tuberose near the brightest window in your house, although the indoor light isn’t bright enough to maintain a healthy, blooming plant. In order to get good results from potted tuberoses inside your house, the plant needs about 16 hours of light per day. You can take it outside for some time and bring it back indoors for you to get good results.”

Pest and diseases

Kizza says the tuberose plant is a hardy crop and is not overly affected by pests and diseases.

But some soils are pest infested, and if these pests affect the plant through the soil, pesticides should be used repeatedly, at least within a 15-day interval for a month.

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