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Grow Broccoli The Super Food

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Broccoli is one of the most valued vegetables in the world, mainly because it has been reported to help in ­ fighting cancer.

In Uganda it is available in supermarkets and some open markets. Broccoli belongs to the family that includes cabbage and cauliflower.

The broccoli’s flowerettes are green compared to the cauliflower’s white flowerettes. The crop is planted in two ways.

  • Direct seeding. This is ideally done between September and November in low altitude areas. For high altitude places, direct seeding may be done at any time of the year.
  • Transplanting. Seeds are planted in a seedbed or seedling box and left to grow. Broccoli seedlings must be sturdy and healthy before transplanting. They should be provided with enough sunshine.

All this is necessary to provide its tissues with the carbohydrates broccoli needs in order to grow new roots. Frequency of watering should also be lessened.

Transplanting should be done in the afternoon or during low temperature weather. It is important to ensure that the plant has ample roots before transplanting. Immediately water the plant after transplanting.

Broccoli is ideally transplanted within approximately four weeks after planting for best yields.

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