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Gloves A Vital Safety Tool For Every Farmer

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Many times, farmers do not realise that gloves can save them from injuries. The hands are one of the most vulnerable part of the body, thus need protection.

In every farm work undertaken, hands get into contact with dangerous chemicals and sharp tools. Scalded hands can be problematic since they can result in injuries, causing infections. Wearing appropriate gloves for the job is the only way to avoid such injuries.

Leather gloves are suitable for heavy work like taking care of and harvesting thorny plants, such as pineapples and oranges.

The rubber ones are insulated. So, they can be worn to guard against electric shock on the farm.

They are also appropriate for collecting rubbish, feeds and light digging. However, farmers should know that tight gloves cause discomfort and over-sized ones slow down work.

However, when misused, gloves may lead to injury. So, farmers should purchase gloves that match the work they do on the farm.

Although the prices of different gloves vary according to their use, farmers need to own several pairs of gloves in case they need to dispose of those that are worn out.

On caring for gloves, after rinsing them, they should be kept dry and clean for the next use.

Before one purchases gloves, the following should be considered:

  • Know the job to be done
  • Frequency and duration of chemical contact
  • Nature of contact (total immersion or splash only)
  • Concentration of chemicals
  • Temperature of chemicals
  • Abrasion/resistance requirements
  • Puncture, snag, tear, and cut-resistance requirements
  • Length to be protected (hand only, forearm, arm)
  • Dexterity requirements
  • Grip requirements (dry grip, wet grip, oily)
  • Cuff edge (safety cuff, knit wrist, or gauntlet)
  • Colour requirements (to show contamination)
  • Thermal protection (for example, when handling anhydrous ammonia)
  • Size and comfort requirements
  • Price
  • The type of chemical being used.

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