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Field Management Techniques For Bananas

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By Prossy Nandutu

After accessing quality seed, land should be well prepared by removing complicated weeds, ensuring there is adequate water supply through digging water ways and trenches in the garden but also planting cover crops within the banana plantation to prevent evaporation of moisture.

Farmers should also manage plant population, where there shouldn’t be more three plants from one stem. For better water retention in the banana plantation, he called for the use of kraal manure which he said modifies and improves the soil and water retention plus nutrient availability.

Fertilizer application

To better understand how to effectively apply fertilizers, farmers were asked to embrace the 4 R – Rule in application of fertilizers. The 4Rs are

Right type of fertilizer for specific crop, Right quantity, where one has to get enough for the prepared farm land, Right timing to avoid wastage for effective utilization of the plant, Right placement, Produce/products and value addition among others.

Pest and diseases to watch out

Additional information from the ministry of agriculture, is that banana production is challenged with diseases like black Sigatoka, Banana bacterial wilt. The common pests are weevils and nematodes. Others effects of climate change like prolonged drought Fungal related diseases include the Panama Wilts/ Fusarium Wilts. Fruit rot Diseases like Anthracnose and Cigar end rot which causes fruits to rot. Also bacterial wilt which cause wilting and eventual death of the affected plants.

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