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Expo: Children To Get Free Training On Second Day – Vision Group CEO

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By Ibrahim Rweza

As the first day of the Harvest Money Expo nears its end, the Vision Group’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Don Wanyama is optimistic that its visitors are gaining a lot from it. 

Speaking to the media today afternoon, Wanyama revealed that the official opening day has attracted multitudes who have even caused traffic jam at the Kololo Independence Grounds. Accordingly, this is a sign that those who have attended previous editions have gained a lot from them. 

“It is very interesting, because there is already traffic as people flock into the expo, but we need more to come. The second day (Saturday, February 12) is promising, because our trainers will focus on teaching children for free,” he said. 

Children above 5 years pay sh10,000 entrance fee, but training is free for all children.

Wanyama encouraged parents to bring their children so that they can learn more about farming, because involving them in agriculture will interest them to take part in it and earn from it. This is likely to end the future bottlenecks and frustrations of unemployment. 

“Parents, if you want your children to learn and understand what farming means, you must give them the best training at an early stage,” he said. 

He reasoned that having the right skills and knowledge about farming would create many opportunities and make them have access and dodge the wrath of poverty which has been quite seen striking among them. Whereas agriculture remains the backbone of many Ugandans, employing at least 70% of the population, it calls for everyone’s involvement to grow the economy through it. “Our trainers are offering hands-on training, which is very beneficial to the children,” he said.  

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