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Expo: Avoid Excitement In Rabbit Farming 

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By Francis Emukule 

Beatrice Luzobe, the managing director of Learn Enterprises Limited, says many people have been led into rabbit farming due to a lack of basic knowledge required by most farmers and other actors along the value chain. 

Luzobe added that farmers are being continuously misled by people who churn out exciting messages that have led farmers to make poor and uninformed decisions. This, she said, has often affected the farmer’s ability to break through the market. 

Among other things, she cited farmers’ focus on selling breeders, the sale of sick and poor-quality meat, poor investment and lack of time, and the incorrect pricing of most inputs. 

However, Luzobe advised farmers to avoid excitement about rabbitry and stay away from people that do not have enough knowledge of rabbitry, saying,

“Look for knowledge from reputable people who have experience in rabbitry because they will be honest with you,” she explained. 

Dennis Walugembe from Kalf Rabbitry also recommended that before a farmer can take part in rabbit farming, they should acquire knowledge about the venture. 

“You must invest time in acquiring knowledge for you to gain something from rabbit farming otherwise, it will be a waste of time and money. He added that one must have passion for it.

“Passion will take you through the hard times as you start, because starting in most cases is not easy,” he said. 

He also advised farmers on proper planning: “Set up clear and realistic goals and know what you want to do and at what level, but most importantly, invest time and money. If you do not have time, do not go into rabbitry.”

Farmers were also taught on the importance of feeding, breeding, looking for markets, as well as focusing on quality. “Build your capacity to ensure constant supply and you will be able to sustain yourself through rabbitry,” he said. themselves. 

Dennis Walugembe from Kalf Rabbitry (in orange overall) conducts a training about rabbit farming. Photos by Shamim Saad

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