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Enjoy Pancakes From Apple Banana At Home

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Apart from eating the ripe bananas, or making crisps from them, the commonest delicacy from apple bananas are pancakes.

A one Charlotte in Nakawa, Kampala who is in this trade, says the best banana pancakes are made using only three items; ripe sweet bananas, cassava flour and cooking oil.

“There are people who add sodium bicarbonate to give pancakes a longer shelf life, but this is not right because it affects their taste,” she says.

A single 100g pancake costs sh500.


  • To make 50 pancakes, one needs;
  • 1kg of cassava flour l 3 clusters of ripe bananas. You can buy these at about sh6,000
  • 500ml of cooking oil. This can be used at least twice
  • Charcoal that would cost you about sh2,000.
  • Peel the ripe bananas and mash them l Add a litre of water
  • Add the flour and mix into a dough
  • Split the dough into smaller pieces each and roll flat. Each flat piece should have a thickness of quarter an inch l Cut into desired shape
  • Fry until they turn brown.

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