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Do You Know The Tools Used For Pruning? 

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By Andrew Masinde                       

Pruning is one of the agricultural practices done in the fields.

Though some farmers overlook or skip it, it is an important practice especially in vegetable growing.

Christine Ategeka, the Knowledge Transfer Officer for East-West Seed, says that pruning involves the removal of a plant part or vine that is not required for the growth and production of the plant like disease, overgrown or damaged parts.

She says that pruning is normally done using certain equipment or tools including;

Pruning shears

Ategeka explains that the tool is used for small-diameter branches. 

“These tools can be scissors that normally cut when blades bypass one another, and then the anvil type where the cut is made when the blade impacts the solid surface,” she says.

A pruning saw is used to cut large branches. Photos by Andrew Masinde

 Lopping shears

She says that another tool is the lopping shear, which is used for larger-sized branches. It is similar to the pruning shears though with longer handles to provide leverage to cut the larger diameter branches.

Pruning saws

Ategeka adds that another tool is the pruning saws, which are used for gigantic branches and tree limbs, and they also come in different sizes.

She advises that whichever tool to use, should be sterile to avoid spreading infections. 

“To optimize the surface area of the cut for healing, the cuts should be made at an angle of 45°,” she said.

She adds that pruning helps to maintain plant health, by removing the diseased, dead, or injured plant parts, minimizes chances for secondary infections, controls growth, and maintains plant density like in watermelons.

Pruning also encourages more flowers and fruits and rejuvenates old plants thus allowing the growth of new plants among others.

Patricia Driciru, the research associate for KOPIA Uganda, says that tree sizes and shapes also affect crops, especially citrus orange production.

 She also says that the shape of trees affects sunlight entry into the trees providing good conditions for pests and diseases that are a big challenge to farmers.

“Hence proper tree management such as tree pruning and staking using strings,” she says. 

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